Investors Management Plan

Owner’s Responsibility

A. The Owner’s role is to be in agreement with all policies, procedures, and regulations pertaining to the operations of Unique Realty Consultants Investors Management Plan. All policies; procedures, and regulations shall I adhere to the appropriate federal, state, and local laws.

B. The Owner shall provide Unique Realty Consultants with copies of all prior contractual documents necessary for the management company to develop and maintain continual compliance with any special conditions outlined in the documents of the property.

C. Owner shall clearly communicate to the management company what performance standards are expected within the first year or the following year that the development is placed in the service of Unique Realty Consultants.

D. Owner shall be responsible for notifying Unique Realty Consultants and the appropriate Local or State Agency of any impending changes of ownership.

E. Owner has ultimate responsibility of compliance with all regulations outlined within the IRS code.

F. Owner will maintain involvement in the operations of Unique Realty Consultants and be available to handle tenant legal disputes or grievances that are unable to be settled at a management level.

G. Owner is responsible for any payouts for bonuses, cash flow, and renewal payouts.

H. Owner is responsible for the cost of any major repairs outlined in the contract.

I. Owner is responsible for the cost of insurance and tax fees of the property.

Leasing and Occupancy Policies

A.  All marketing and leasing activities shall be done in accordance with the Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing plan. Unique Realty Consultants lease shall contain the following:

1. Date rent payment is due.
2. Late fee policy.
3. Name, address, phone, and fax number of Unique Realty Consultants.
4. Name of tenant and address of property.
5. Lease term.
6. Names of occupants.
7. No new occupants without prior approval.
8. Special provisions or promotions and prorates.
9. Automatic renewal.

B. Addendums:

1. Drug-free.
2. House Rules.
3. Pets.
4. Lead Based.
5. Smoke Detector.
6. Mold/Mildew.
7. Renters Insurance.
8. Bed Bugs.
9. Transfer of Utilities.

Suggested Policy Rules

A. Equal Opportunity posted on the application and on site.
B. Reporting any changes of status.
C. Special needs and modifications.

Maintenance Repair and Replacement

A. Outline how to complete a work request through XORA.
B. 24-hr Notice of entry and permission to enter policies.
C. New carpet and paint ordered or received.
D. Fines and destruction of property.
E. Notices regarding dismantling smoke detectors.
F. Charge backs for maintenance issues.

Management Responsibilities

A. The Management’s role is to be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the property. Unique Realty Consultants will keep the owner informed of relevant issues pertaining to the units and the property.

B. Management implements the owner’s policies and procedures in compliance with federal, state, and local statutes.

C. Management handles the records and files of compliance and maintenance of buildings, units, grounds, and overall tenant satisfaction with the service and management of the property.

D. Management will hire and supervise all employees associated with Unique Realty Consultants, including but not limited to the Site Manager and staff, Maintenance Manager and staff, Lawn care providers, and sub-contractors needed for daily maintenance and turns of the property.

E. Management will handle all marketing and leasing efforts in compliance to:

1. Affirmative Fair Housing Market Plans.
2. Residential Landlord and Tenant Act according to the State:
3. Fair Housing Laws and Regulations.
4. Lead-based paint regulations.

F. Management ensures compliance with terms and conditions outlined in the lease and Unique Realty Consultants’ House Rules. This includes notification of lease infractions, evictions or termination of lease, lease renewals, rent amounts, and rent increases.

G. Management ensures compliance with procedures for determining eligibility and verifying the incomes of each prospect. The following shall be used as a reference toll:

1. Unique Realty Consultants Policies and Procedures Manual.
2. Fabco, Inc. screening, scoring system, and collection procedures.
3. Any other program rules and regulations that are subject to change in writing.

Standards for reviewing an application

A. Rental History.

1. Previous landlord verification.
2. Fabco, Inc.

B. History of Notice to vacate.

1. Previous landlord.

C. Good housekeeping habits.

1. Home visit.
2. Pre-signing CD.

D. Criminal Background.

1. No felonies/misdemeanors with drug-related or violent act crimes.

E. Credit History.

1. Fabco, Inc.

F. Employment Verification.

1. Mandatory Question: If you have a loss of income what would be your alternate plan to pay rent?

G. All applications are sent to compliance for final approval.

Rent and Collection Policies

A 3-Day Notice to Vacate after the sixth of the month.
B. Unlawful holders.
C. Damages and Collections processed through Fabco, Inc.
D. Evictions handled by the attorney of Unique Realty Consultants.
E. 24-hour Abandonment notice.

Tenant Participation

A. How to file a grievance.
B. Document request.
C. Maintenance request.
D. Rent incentives.

Management Training

A. Attendance at the States.
B. Training workshops.
C. Fair Housing updates.
D. Required training.