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Investor Fees

Investor Fees


Management Fees

  • 10% of all collected income*
  • New lease fee for straight pay tenants: 50% of first month’s rent. Good for one year. If tenant is replaced during the same year, there will be no additional fee. This does not appy if the tenant/property is Section 8, as then the lease fee is 100% of the first months rent.
  • If we do not manage the property the new lease fee will cost a full month’s rent
  • Generic ads in various local newspapers placed at our expense
  • Ads for a particular address placed at owner’s expense
  • Lease renewal – no charge
  • Administrative fee charged yearly and based on number of units (example: out of town owner with one unit/$30.00)
  • $50.00/hour for additional reports (minimum one-hour charge)

*Investor fees for Management covers everything necessary to run your properties including, but not limited to, making mortgage payments, preparing and sending monthly statements and rent collection.

Maintenance Fees

  • General maintenance – $75.00 per hour, minimum charge one hour
  • Emergency maintenance – $100.00 per hour, after 5:00p.m. Monday –Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday

Eviction Fees

  • Delivery of 3-day notice $50.00 (tenant charged $50.00)
  • Delivery of final notice – no charge
  • File eviction with the courts – $300.00 (includes attorney and one court appearance)
  • File writ – $80.00

Additional Service Fees

  • Set-up/Start-up Fee – $50.00/unit (When property owner has no leases or information for residents)
  • One-Time Inspection Fee – $50.00/unit
  • Estimate for repairs – $100.00
  • Vacant Property Weekly Drive-by Inspection – $35.00/week*
  • Vacant Property Weekly Inside/Outside Inspection – $50.00/week or $150.00/month*

*If property is vacant, there is no management fee being charged. Your property is only checked when shown to prospective tenants. Properties may be inspected at above costs.