Investor fees for Management covers everything necessary to run your properties including, but not limited to, making mortgage payments, preparing and sending monthly statements, and rent collection.  If the property is vacant, there is no management fee charged. Your property is only checked when shown to prospective tenants. Properties may be inspected at the below costs.

Management Fees

  • 10% of all collected income*
  • New lease fee for straight pay tenants: 50% of first month’s rent. Good for one year. If tenant is replaced during the same year, there will be no additional fee. This does not appy if the tenant/property is Section 8, as then the lease fee is 100% of the first months rent.
  • If we do not manage the property the new lease fee will cost a full month’s rent
  • Generic ads in various local newspapers placed at our expense
  • Ads for a particular address placed at owner’s expense
  • Lease renewal – no charge
  • Administrative fee charged yearly and based on number of units (example: out of town owner with one unit/$30.00)
  • $50.00/hour for additional reports (minimum one-hour charge)

Maintenance Fees

  • General maintenance – $75.00 per hour, minimum charge one hour
  • Emergency maintenance – $100.00 per hour, after 5:00p.m. Monday –Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday

Eviction Fees

  • Delivery of 3-day notice $50.00 (tenant charged $50.00)
  • Delivery of final notice – no charge
  • File eviction with the courts – $300.00 (includes attorney and one court appearance)
  • File writ – $80.00

Additional Fees

  • Set-up/Start-up Fee – $50.00/unit (When property owner has no leases or information for residents)
  • One-Time Inspection Fee – $50.00/unit
  • Estimate for repairs – $100.00
  • Vacant Property Weekly Drive-by Inspection – $35.00/week*
  • Vacant Property Weekly Inside/Outside Inspection – $50.00/week or $150.00/month*